Does God even care about Truth?

It had to have crossed every believers’ mind at one point or another. How is it that this one book has produced so many different beliefs when we’re all reading the same thing?

The Methodists don’t believe in the same way as the Baptists, The SDA don’t believe like the Coptic Christians. Two churches down the road from each other don’t believe alike. Two believing individuals from the same place don’t completely agree on Scripture.

Why is that?

When you’re in the Faith, thinking you know the Truth is a slippery slope especially when you come to the end of Faith and realize it was all lies and everyone is really convinced in what they think they know.

So, its not that everyone who doesn’t believe like you is wrong, its more like if they teach things contrary to what you know is written, then the Spirit of Truth isn’t guiding them. That’s what you tell yourself anyway.

But what is it that has us believing so far left or right of each other?

I believe it at the least comes down to culture and personal experience. Everyone’s perception is different no matter who you are. You can have ten siblings who grew up in the same house and each will perceive the world through their own unique lens.

Because of that, each of us perceive a God who is tailored to us individually even if we attempt to view him in light of what the Bible says about him. We personalize him. This is why people get offended when you try to rebuke them in love. How are you gonna tell somebody they’re in the wrong if they feel God is okay with whatever they’re doing?


God is only as good as the culture that tolerates him. Two Christian nations don’t govern alike. What is religiously permissible due to cultural influences in one place may not be in another. We all know black churches do services differently than white churches. That’s because of culture.

‘The Spirit of God moves differently’, some would argue.

I’m suspicious.

As I got deeper in my faith and as my understanding evolved, it bothered me more and more that no one was on the same page. Just how concerned about us knowing the truth, is God? And if this Faith is so true, how did he allow such falsehoods to enter and take root. These are things I asked him.

Everyone is convinced that their doctrine is correct. They really believe God is instructing them. We all did/do. You would think that if there is one truth, then this one God would be teaching us all the same one truth. I would think that God would play a more intervening role in protecting the Truth especially if souls are at stake.

The Christian response is that its everyones’ fault except God’s. The devil planted lies in this or that group except their own. ‘People are listening to the voice of Man and not God’. ‘People are deceiving themselves’. ‘The bible said this would happen in the last days’. The excuses go on and on.

In light of the fact that there are so many denominations, there is one thing that is absolutely true about the Bible. It’s the fact that if it’s failing at unification, then it is succeeding at dividing people. The Bible isn’t setting people free, it’s setting people at odds against each other.

When all was said and done, I came to understand a few things. One of those things is that this Book is pulled from the imagination of Men. Every man thinks differently and every interpretation is different. The God of the Bible isn’t concerned with us knowing the truth because God is not of the truth. God is of the imagination.

What about you?

Did you ever wonder about this very topic along your journey? Do you remember the reasons and/or excuses given why people who read the same book arrive at different understandings?

Let’s discuss it a little. Please do comment. Share this with a friend and subscribe to more posts. Much thanks.

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One thought on “Does God even care about Truth?”

  1. This is because according to their capacity to understand things based on their intelligence.

    For example:- the amount of water in a cup is less when compared to the amount of water in a tub. The amount of water in a pond is more than the amount of water in a well.

    just like the intelligence level of the 1st graders is less when compared to the intelligence level of 10th graders.


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