God is a pimp.

When you think of someone who is involved in prostitution, what comes to mind. Think about the woman being pimped. Think of how he or she got involved in the first place.

I imagine the pimp portraying himself as very charismatic and assertive. They look like the have it all together and is very gentlemen-like. The woman probably can’t find a single flaw in him and the more time they spend together, the more she is convinced that he is everything he appears to be and more.

But she doesn’t know she’s a target. The pimp is looking for a certain type of woman. The more vulnerable, damaged and alone, the better. He’s able to take a stable, mentally healthy and confident woman and break her down to the point she doesn’t recognize herself anymore.

These unsuspecting women lose themselves in him! Everyone can see that she’s in a bad place except her. And this is what I liken a believers’ relationship with God to be.

The perception of God.

Not everyone who becomes a believer is in desperation or suffering from low self esteem. Some come into the faith while their lives’ are already in a good place. But either way, both kinds of people are introduced to the “good side” of the Faith and who God appears to be.

It’s believed that you don’t find God, God finds you. He comes to enrich your life in ways that you couldn’t imagine. You come to learn that he feeds you, clothes you, and keeps you safe. Nothing is happening outside of his control. He loves you and wants to pour his love into you so you can in turn give that to others.

You hear all these appealing qualities about God and hearing about all these promises that are yours if you would just follow him is very attractive. You get drawn in to this image of perfection. You get convinced that God is everything you’ve been missing. But then the focus switches from him to you.

All good in the beginning.

God doesn’t look at you the way you look at him. In the beginning, you are the apple of his eye and the most amazing of all his creation. All his thoughts towards you are in the positive and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for your. He’s madly in love with you and jealous over you.

But like a pimp, he has a reason for coming after you. He had a “purpose” for your life. But to fulfill his purpose for your life. He needs your commitment and cooperation. He really wants your obedience and all your trust. He wants you to follow his lead wherever that leads and do it blind. To where, you’re going by what you hear and not by what you are seeing.

You can be in a pig pen but if he tells you you’re in a five star hotel, how will you argue against someone whom you’ve determined to be perfect and can’t make mistakes? Let’s look deeper:

His perception of you.

In order to get you to follow him without question, he’s gotta crush you and then rebuild you into something more suitable for him. The more agreeable and compliant you are, the more willing you are to be used by him. And how does he crush you? By attacking your self-esteem.

You are not beautiful; you’re ugly. You are not a good person; only God is good. All the good you’ve done means nothing if he wasn’t involved or you didn’t give him some if not all the credit. You are born defective. You’re a screw up because its in your nature to ruin things.

There is no good thing in you. You don’t have a good heart. Yours is deceitful and desperately wicked. You are a worm and dumb as sheep. You can do nothing without him. But…..he loves you and just wants what’s best for you.

Just like a pimp, as long as you’re obedient and performing to his standards, then blessings abound. But if you fall short, disciplinary measures are in order. And that can come in the form of guilt, shame, and self-loathing.

This relationship is unhealthy.

You’re gonna find out that you are never good enough in God’s eyes. Every mistake you make after conversion will stand as a continuous testament to just how much more you need him. You are forever indebted to him. You are led to believe that you have no power to save yourself and so you are in this never ending cycle of constantly needing a savior to save you from who you are.

God is: “Captain Save-a-hoe”.

A believer would argue that this is where grace comes in. But grace isn’t the gift that its believed to be. Grace is like the wedding ring on the finger of a woman who really isn’t married. With grace you can fool yourself into thinking you have something that you really don’t.

Grace is another topic and I will end here. But isn’t it possible for two people to look like they’re married and not have the marriage that they appear to have?

What about you?

What can I say? This is how I now perceive this so-called “relationship” people claim to have with God. It’s just not what it appears to be. I’ll go further into this in a later post.

But what are your thoughts? What does a relationship with God look like to you?

Comment, share, and subscribe. Talk to you soon. Thanks.


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2 thoughts on “God is a pimp.”

  1. Dear brother, you did not understand bible correctly.
    Adam and eve when they are in the garden of eden where happy. there is no such thing like gender or sexual attraction between them as long as they are obedient to GOD.
    God said to eeve that she shall enjoy all the fruits in the garden except a particular tree. A serpent in the tree persuaded eve to take the fruit thereby induced eve to believe that God is jealous of them.
    Eve believing the words of serpent took the fruit of good and bad thereby disobeyed the words of GOD. She plucked the fruit and gave it to adam. So both of them became unfaithful to GOD and were envious of God.
    When GOD came and noticed their activities told them since they acted on account of enviousness they have to act according to their natures of fruit which they had eaten. From that time they identified their sex as male and female. Those who are envious of GOD are the children’s of adam and eve.
    Therefore we are castawayed in this material world which is made up of dualities. Therefore Lord Jeasus Christ says the real happiness is in the Kingdom of GOD where there is no such dualities of good and bad, man and women etc.


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