Put God to the test.

The neverending debate.

There’s so much talk about the existence of God. In Christianity, there are apologists who offering their defenses for their held beliefs and being a former believer, they can be quite compelling. Maybe the most popular apologist that I used to listen to was Ravi Zacharias.

These apologists are articulate and intelligent and seem to have a good handle on what this Belief is about. Their aim seems to be to eliminate all doubt that the Bible is authentic and that Jesus Christ is who he claimed to be.

On the other hand there are counter-apologists who argue against the existence of a god and against the God of the Bible. Many are former believers.

There are so many resources out there for either side but there is a simpler ways of putting this whole conversation to rest and that’s by putting God to the test like I eventually had to do before walking away from my faith.

The first test.

Does the maker of the mouth have a mouth of his own?

Goal’d Rusher

This test is the easiest but its also the most testable and sensible. This test should be enough to prove whether God exists or not. And if not that, it’ll at least prove that no one is hearing from God.

So, what is the test? The test is to simply ask your God, plainly: “Do you exist?”

Too simple? Should it be complicated? When my doubts about the faith began to dominate my conscience, it came down to, “Does the maker of the mouth have a mouth of his own?”

I’ve mentioned in other posts that the thing I wanted most from God is a real relationship with him. When you have a relationship with someone, you talk to them and they talk back. In the Bible, God can talk. We see him engaged in conversations on different occasions.

As a believer, you see this and tell yourself that its obvious that this God speaks to Man. And everyone who is a believer seems to think God speaks to them. Does he though?

At the height of my doubts and suspicions, I went around to numerous believers either by phone or online and asked them if God ever spoke to them. All of them said yes and gave their example/testimony how. And everyone will say, “God speaks through his Word.”

But for those who claimed they’ve heard his voice, I asked: “who else heard him speaking to you?” The answer was always ‘no one’! A believer would say “he spoke to my spirit.” Let me tell you, that’s just a fancy way of saying they hear voices in their heads. For example:

I was sitting eating lunch and minding my own business. I noticed someone across the room sitting alone with nothing to eat. Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and he told me to take the cookie I already bit into and give the rest to that person. It didn’t make sense but I went on faith and hearkened to the voice of the Lord.

Now, that was an example I made up but if you’ve been in the faith long enough, you’ve probably heard similar things to that. And people will swear up and down, it was God’s voice they heard.

Test it! Ask God to talk to you. Not through signs or miracles or using another person’s mouth as a vehicle. If you can talk for yourself and audibly, he should be able to do the same. Ask him plainly if those are his words in that bible. Have a voice recorder with you so there is no doubt that God can speak.

If he doesn’t answer today, do it again the next and the day after. Do it for a year until he actually talks. Get every believer you know in on this. I can’t imagine he’d refuse every request.

I suspect that by the time you settle on your findings of this test, you will come to the same conclusion that I did and that is this God_______(you fill in the blank).

Second test.

You might think this test is silly but I take it serious. I did not do this test because God couldn’t pass the first test. If he could pass that, he’d have no problem passing this one. Here’s the second test:

Invite God to a meal. Why not? Don’t you see feast days in the bible that he supposedly thought up? How cool would it be for God to actually take part in a meal that he came up with. Make the meal as kosher as possible. Everything that he permits you to eat, set before him and everything he forbids, leave out.

Yeshua appeared after his resurrection and ate with his disciples. Are you his disciple? Will he eat with you?

Doesn’t God know you and don’t you claim to be his friend? If you invited your friend to a meal, wouldn’t they show up?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no intention on mocking your God. That’s not the point. What if you invite him to dinner for a whole week and he never shows up to partake, what does that mean to you? I’ll tell you one thing, if him not showing isn’t enough to prove God doesn’t exist; the one thing it does imply is that you and him probably aren’t as close as you claim.

The third test.

This is a test of observation. Who do you call on in an emergency? If your elderly relative hurts themself, who do you call first to assist? Is it going to be God or 9-1-1? What do you expect to happen if you only called on God to help? Everyone will pray for the person but no one is foolish enough to ask God to come and presently assist. And that should tell you something.

If you were with a woman who suddenly went into labor and had no way of getting to the hospital, what are you going to do? You’ve never delivered a baby before. Who are you going to call on to assist you? Can God presently walk you through what you need to do or do you see a 9-1-1 operator doing that? Which seems more plausible to you, the believer?

This is a test to see if your God is the Savior and Deliverer that he’s proclaimed to be. It sounds nice in hymnals, worship songs and faith claims but is he any of that when it really matters and when you would think he’s needed?

In a domestic violence situation, that woman might be praying to herself for God to save her but its damn near hopeless unless her neighbor decides to make it their business to call the police. That’s reality. If you’re waiting for God to be your knight in shining armor when you need him to be, the hard truth is, you don’t have a prayer.

With that said.

It’s fine to defend what you believe or disbelieve. There’s a place for that and it seems to be necessary for those looking for a reason or some evidence either way. What I’m putting forth is simplicity and inviting God into reality. Is God as real as you or I. Or is he not?

I invite you to do what I did when I was on my journey and move beyond the talk and put this God to the test. And for those who have a problem with it, it’s not even a test. If I simply wanted to talk to you, would you consider that a test? If not, then why would God look at it like that?

Ask him to talk to you today. Mouth to mouth. Face to face. Plainly.

What about you?

This post isn’t intended to provoke any believer or mock their God. These a things that I was confronted with as I moved from superstition to common sense and practicality.

So, do you have a God who can pass these simple test? Do you know of a God who can show himself/herself active in real time beyond the shadow of a doubt? If so, then I’ll worship them.

I’m anxious to hear your feedback on this post. Would you comment? You can subscribe to more posts and share the ones you like as well. Thank you so much.


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