About Me

Hello, my name is Rennell. I go by the handle “Goal’d Rusher” and I want to welcome you all to my site.

When I first started this site, it was meant to be a referral site for a trucking company I was driving for. Their main color was gold and when you’re pulling a trailer, it reminds me of a dragon. So, I called the site, “thatgoldendragon.com” as it is to this day.

I graduated top of my class and as soon as I began, my career ended. I found out my wife was pregnant with our third child. This news came after she had broke her leg weeks prior while I was in training in another state. Something had to give and I gave up a sure thing in order to be there for my family. It turned out to be a good thing considering the state of the nation dealing with the corona virus.

I worked hard on the site getting it ready for new recruits and I just couldn’t let the site go to waste. So, I changed the blog into a site where I would tell my story of how I came into the Faith and my exit away from it. I kept the name of the site because it seemed fitting.

In Christianity, the dragon is the enemy and carries negative connotations. But because I am no longer in the Faith, I turned what was meant for evil into something good. My golden dragon is a three-headed beast. Each head represents to me: Common sense, Good reasoning, and Reality. These three became my mantra as I made my way out of my former Belief system.

My blog is split into three parts:

  • The Journey
  • The Perspective
  • The True Account

My intended audience is made up of Believers and non/unbelievers alike. For Believers because I hope it challenges them to see what they do not see and consider what they’ve excused themselves from considering.

For the skeptic and those who do not believe, I hope that this will give them some assurance that they have legit reasons why they question what they question concerning God and Christianity.

Other than that, I have a big vision for this site and will strive to see it through. Please feel free to leave questions and comments on any of my posts. I’m eager to interact with you. Do enjoy your visit here.

This was me just a few years ago. I must’ve been maybe 33 or 34yrs old.